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Our Research Program

Our research program is based on a cross disciplinary approach where aspects of engineering, chemistry, and biology are applied to the field of Biomaterial. We are focused on the creation of new highly biocompatible & biodegradable polymers – poly(ester amide)s and poly(ester urethane)s entirely composed of naturally occurring and non-toxic building blocks (like naturally occurring amino acids, fatty dicarboxylic acids and diols) through controlled polymer chemistry and engineering. The polymers created a wide reveal range of mechanical properties from hard to elastic film-forming. Their hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity balance and bio-degradation (bio-erosion) rates are varied in a wide range. The polymers created are promising both as absorbable surgical materials and as polymeric drugs for sustained release local drug delivery for the treatment of various diseases.


  • Development of new methods of polymer synthesis, so called “Active Polycondensation” and “Silyl Polycondensation”.
  • Synthesis of new novel biodegradable and highly biocompatible polymers composed of naturally occurring ?-amino acids, and other non-toxic building blocks;
  • Biomedical applications of new polymers as absorbable surgical devices and drug sustained/controlled release systems.


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