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Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Fred Bledsoe of Indiana and Alfred Gertler of Canada were treated at Phage Therapy Center for foot infections in the past two years. Both had been told by their doctors at home that their infections were not responding to antibiotics and amputation was recommended.

After 10 days of phage treatment, Bledsoe’s infection was clearly in retreat: “It was almost instantaneous, it started to work that fast,” says his sister, Saharra, who accompanied him to Georgia. “The tissue around the wound just looked different, even after just one treatment.”

Ten months after Gertler returned from Georgia, his foot and ankle are completely healed, and he has resumed his career as a jazz bassist.

A US citizen from Fort Wayne, Indiana and after the stepping on a nail, his wound became infected.  After 10 weeks of unsuccessful treatment in hospital he faced amputation; however, he opted to travel to Tbilisi, Georgia for successful phage therapy treatment.

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